June 22 – 27 is being called Cinema Week. The organizers describe it as this:

Cinema Week is a six-day celebration designed to energize moviegoers and eventize the moviegoing experience.  It’s a campaign to unite cinemas and to put butts in seats.

Excuse Me?

There have been some of us who have been there at every opportunity we could. In 2020, I saw The Call of the Wild on February 29th on a trip back in time and then didn’t see another movie on a big screen until the middle of June at the most amazing experience at the Star-Lite drive-in in Litchfield.

When the theaters in Minnesota were closed, I drove to Wisconsin where I saw the disappointing Wonder Woman 1984 and the fascinating Promising Young Woman.

When theaters did reopen but there were no new movies, I went to see classics like Back to the Future and The Empire Strikes Back.

I saw the new movies the day they opened, seeing Tenet 3 times in its first 4 days.

When “my” theater reopened, I was there on Day 1 watching Bloodshot again, even though it’s not really that good of a movie.

I held 3 movie screenings at Emagine Lakeville seeing Gladiator, Skyfall and Tombstone.

If Cinema Week gets people to start going back, then great. Yes, you can watch a movie on your TV at home on the same day but there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing it in a dark room with surround sound, the smell of hot butter-like popcorn and a massive screen.

I want to see good movies just like everyone else but I try to make it an experience, every single time.

Let’s get those butts in the seats!


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