On a hot and steamy night in Minnesota with no air conditioning in the house, I decided it was a perfect time to spend a few hours in a dark, cool room seeing a double-feature of 2 of the best movies in the last few years.

I’ve seen A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II several times each but watching them back-to-back in the theater was really an amazing experience. I remembered the first one fairly well, even though it’s been a bit since I’ve seen it, but to see how it tied together with Part II was really cool. Of course, the tie-backs to the first one are expected since it’s a sequel but the time frame that it operates in is really well-done.

The continuity seemed to be spot on as well. I only noticed a couple very small details so nothing to quibble about. If someone wants to complain because the boy looked older on Day 1 than he did on Day 473, that’s kinda weak.

I did catch at least 2 scenes that look like they were snapped up from Titanic. When Emily Blunt’s character is in the shower, there is a scene of her hand sliding across the glass door. Then, when the kids are in the silo, they both fit on the metal panel, a real source of irritation for some fans of Titanic.

For those that think it’s kind of slow because the first words aren’t spoken until 38 minutes in and there are only 25 lines of dialog in the whole first movie, you’re missing the point!

I also liked the introduction before each movie from John Krasinski. As the director, he thanked theater-goers for coming to see the movie in theaters.

If you haven’t seen these movies, try a double-feature sometime and remember to keep everything as quiet as possible.

Ok, I do have 1 question. Who planted the corn? There were fields of corn planted 471 days after the creatures attacked. How did that work?

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